“There is a place, like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!

Some say to survive it: you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am.”

Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland

A Mens Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

This Season?

Have you wondered what it is like to be the Mad Hatter? And wear a Mens Mad Hatter Halloween Costume this season? To make no sense yet lots of sense, to talk in riddles and in endless circles or to be as blunt and as straight forward as you like.

Trapped in time and a tea party that will never end, the Mad Hatter can only rotate seats to make it more interesting or at least, to give the illusion that it is more interesting.

For a day and night, you can dress up in a mens Mad Hatter Halloween costume and talk as much gibberish as you like, or as much sense as you want in gibberish. Makes sense?

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exclusive mad hatter elite adult costume


We love this authentic exclusive officially licensed Mad Hatter deluxe costume from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

From the classic Mad Hatter dark green top hat with a wide peach colored band to the purple and orange mismatched socks (shoes not included).

This crazy mens Mad Hatter Halloween costume includes a pink shirt with white lace cuffs and an attached green plaid waistcoat; a large bow with a peculiar print acts as an over sized bow tie.

A faux crushed velvet dark brown long sleeve jacket with an extra wide collar; some cropped and flared dark purple pin stripe trousers with floral embroidery, and of course the whacky mismatch socks.

The extra touch is the flame orange wig that goes with the top hat. Don’t forget the mad eyebrows!

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movie prestige mad hatter adult costume


Traveling by hat we come to this less costly officially licensed un-birthday movie prestige mad hatter costume.

The difference between this mens Mad hatter Halloween costume and the one above is that there is no shirt or attached waistcoat but a fitted jacket with lace attached to the cuffs, and a faux shirt front.

You still get the big peculiar print bow and the pin stripe cropped pants with floral stitch accent and the all important top hat with flame orange wig and peach satin bow.

Mismatch socks and shoes not included – but we are sure you will not have trouble finding some mis-matched socks.

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dark mad hatter adult costume


It is Halloween after all and our Mad Hatter has kept to the spirit of Halloween with this dark mad hatter adult costume.

Rather dashing if you ask me and you will certainly stand out from the other Mad Hatters.

With a new twist, we have this wonderfully dark and eerie mens Mad Hatter Halloween costume.

This wild mad hatter costume includes a long black jacket with great big lapels with black and white swirl and checkered details.

Dickey with a totally over sized bow tie with a black and white tea cup print (we love that!), pin strip trousers (very gentlemanly), vest with black and white swirls, stripes and checks, fingerless gloves (not so gentlemanly).

Two tone shoe covers and of course, a dark and sinister looking top hat with checkered band and the obligatory price tag.


plaid mad hatter adult costume

Madder than a Mad Hatter’s hat – you will need your sun glasses to look at this brightly colored plaid mad hatter adult costume.

The plaid jacket comes with an attached contrasting plaid vest and the shirt front has the over sized bow already sewn on.

Purple pants may not be your standard everyday wear, but this Mad Hatter will have no other.

And yes, that huge hat with a sign to remind you of who you are comes with the costume.

You need to get your own wig, shoes and tea cup though.

Want more? Get yourself a cup of tea and browse through the selection at Buy Costumes. If you are a lady and want a costume to complement your Mad Hatter – go check out tea party hostess costumes.

If you just want a hat, go to Mad Hatter hats.

I am sure they will be something to tickle your fancy.

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Mens Mad Hatter Halloween Costume ideas


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How About a Mad Hatter Child Costume?


Mad Hatter Child Costume

Mad Hatter Child Costume

You can be the smaller version of Johnny Depp in the movie Alice in Wonderland and have all the girls swooning over you.

And you will be able to look the part totally with this great official authentic looking Mad Hatter Child Costume.

The oversized hat that makes you look unnaturally natural, the long velvet like gentlemen’s jacket complete with lace cuff, big bow tie on the faux shirt and waist coat is all that it needs.

Add you own pants and shoes, a little of your own make up a la Mad Hatter and you are ready to go crazy.

Get an orange wig if you so wish too.

You will be one fabulous mad looking Mad Hatter!



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